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Premium Argentine Beef

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EcoCarnes S.A.

Export Quality Meat

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EcoCarnes S.A.

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Premium Meat
from the best land in Argentina
From a company with more than 40 years of experience, that has successfully attained an extraordinary beef quality.

Our livestock has been fed with grass from the best pasture lands of Argentina, the area known as "The Humid Pampa", and as a result, our meat has low fat percentage, low fiber content, low cholesterol and unique taste.

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Export Quality

Pampean Steers

Unique Flavor

Export Quality Argentine Beef, To Make Every Recipe Stand Out

From Argentina to the world. We export to about 30 countries around the world among which are Brazil, Colombia, Albania, Algeria, Korea, UAE, Congo, Angola, Chile, Israel, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Morocco, Paraquay, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine Croatia, the European Union, China, and Saudi Arabia.

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40 Years of Integrated Meat Experience: From Farm to Exports

We produce and export grass-fed and grain-fed steer meat
to major global destinations offering a complete service

Fillet Mignon

Rump's Heart

Coeur de Rumstek
Corazón de Cuadril


Faux Fillet
Bife Angosto

Cube Roll

Bife Ancho

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